What We Do

A client’s story

Some of our clients have come to us just before they are ready to retire. The question is often, “what do I need to do to retire well?”

You are probably saying, that it’s too late at that stage. Exactly our comment and never the strategy we would recommend. Retirement needs planning, preparing for, financing, and then you can enjoy it.

We have the pleasure of helping clients enjoy their hard earned money during their latter years. One of those people came to us through difficult times and shortly after that we started on rebuilding his future goals.

We talked about how long he wanted to work for, how much he needed to live a good life, what he wanted to achieve in retirement and mostly about his fishing. Over the years we tracked the growth of his investments and reviewed his plans always asking if he wanted to start retirement yet. When the time came he had cleared debt, set aside his funds and had plans to enjoy.

He regularly calls me from exotic fishing spots just to tell me what he is catching or how the trip is going and often just to say keep up the good work. We look after his investment so that he can look after fishing.

Get started

An old adage is that we don’t plan to fail but we fail to plan.

How many years do you want to work and earn an income that is set aside for future spending?

What are your long term goals for enjoyment?

How can you make sure that you and your family get there?

These are some of the questions we ask, it’s not all about numbers. We talk about investing and building a suitable amount of funds to retire on, we also make sure that your life and income are protected.

Can we reduce taxation for your loved ones after you pass, or now before you stop earning an income.

Yes we do ask hard questions but it is never aimed at breaking you down but building up the future. What you tell us becomes the framework for financial planning and advice that is always in your best interest. The process is not about us in any way, but how we can help you to achieve your lifestyle goals.